Sunday, March 20, 2011

typography trends research

In my research I came across the blog of Jennifer Kenward, she teaches book design and experimental type at Seattle Central Community College and she had link to other great sources. Speak Up was a link and I discovered a trend that was described in article about the New(er) Typography one of the trends were the removal of counters.
then I saw it again while I was looking through Typography served:

Even the typogami which is a typeface developed for motion and the folding of paper had the same trend of the removal of the counters. This example reflects another quality how typographers are using motion and using it as a way to expand their experiment in more than one channel.

Other examples still show the removal of counters but masking images or textures is evident in these examples:

Another trend that I discovered was overlay:
Marian Banjes made the one above she is using transparency and layering which seems to be a common trend.
Even in packing as seen in this example:

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