Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reading Response: Compare and Contrast Readings and their application to the tailored communication approach

Reading Megg's Type image Audience discusses how cultures have evolved collective and complex systems of signs and symbols that enable its members to communicate. In this specific project in which I'm creating tailored communications for a specific group in a subculture meaning the caregivers from the familial caregivers baby boomers. The language needs to be coded within this particular community for them to understand. As the article by Katherine McCoy in Graphic Design mentioned the audience's language and level of visual literacy the skill of comprehending and understanding visual forms must be taken into account if the designer is to communicate successfully. Individual experiences shape attitudes and perceptions to create a diverse and pluralistic society. Economic status and ethnic and religious background, social background In this project through the persona in particular and form tribes within our culture. These characteristics are reflected in this project in particular with the persona, for this project I'm designing for Jane who is 63 and takes care of her ill father and doesn't take a break from caregiving yet she feels exhausted but guilt of stopping the care of her father and therefore not doing anything for herself. As Jane she has unique characteristics, my message will be specifically for her. I agree with this article and due to mass production, which companies just create a one product that suits everyone across the board. The high technology that we live in today, allows highly automated factories to tailor products specifically to individual preferences, a user-centered tailored products, communications and targeted channels to suit the culture. Kathy McCoy discusses the importance that designers and professionals need to understand their values and language and speak their language so the communication is more effective. A specialized audience possess specialized knowledge and language, effective communications can either celebrate or emphasize the exclusion of the general audience. The two other articles the Local Lingo by Alice Twemlow from AIGA voice and Pop Artist by linda Tsichel from Fast Company, they both address taking a brand in a global manner. In the AIGA article the author mentions that in order to take a brand global one needs to start local and then expand therefore having a focus audience, indicates that even a global brand needs to start with a focus need of a specific audience. Something that I noted in regards to David Butler as said by Joe Tripodi, Coca Cola's global marketing chief "It's great that when David speaks, he doesn't speak in the language of design,"it reflects that David in order to have a clear understanding with the manufacturers, bottlers and retailers he gets to their level. This reflects the importance of language and coded language and that this personal who are not designers would be able to understand him because they are not part of that culture he needs to turn to the basics.

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