Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reading Response Triggs pg.12-17

As mentioned in the reading artist like April Greiman who created a computer generated type this was done by the use of technology available through the computer (Apple Macintosh). The start up of apple macintosh allowed for various typographical explorations. The technology that we have available allow for 3-d renderings of type, like Cinema 4, sketch up and after effects permits type to have dimension. The exploration of type in motion in recent years is more evident and they are many various designers doing various explorations. Interactive and user experience, that forces the audience to interact with the ipad or projections is more common then ever before, in this decade. A week ago, Garret Fuseiler an alumni of KCAI '08 and currently working at T2 as an interactive designer discussed the various the technology that is being develop through projections and sensor detector technology that allows for the user to use of the viewer's body to interact and therefore creating an innovative experiences. The most surprising one was the one on the magazine in which it allowed the projection on the web cam to become a 3-dimensional projection of the magazine.
As mentioned in "second order of denotation": to enhance meaning without abandoning the framework, McCoy and Cranbrook explored the relationships between image and text and playing on words and creating various levels of meaning. Jeffrey Keedy discuss the roles of the audience plays a role in reading and creating meaning or as Ellen Lupton defined it as being "narrative typography".

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