Monday, March 21, 2011

Reading Response: Radical Type Design by Treal Triggs

Experimental type as mentioned under the chapter the typographic experiment: from futurism to fuse, Triggs mentions the importance of process and taking risks and viewing those risks as as points in the development of the overall design. Challenging accepted conventions and developing new ways of reading is a way of to altered language. Eras like the avant garde and Dada designers were experimenting in the way words, language were deconstructed. Typographic conventions are legibility and readability. Triggs discusses that experimental type design deals with design or production of typefaces and the experimental typography investigates the use of type in layouts. In comparison to the other reading type design is not just about the individual letter forms but how everything is arranged. Experimental typography is about the potential this arrangement can have and cause interest visually and create contrast. Triggs mentions the social, political, cultural context in which a typographer is operating it will affect the designer approaches experimental type. I think to a certain degree is true if there is a trend in the country or in that time but I don't think that is to a degree that is mentioned which is the final outcome of the product, a futurist era as described in the readings speed was a common theme and is evident in the type arrangements were designers arranged words in an expanding way.
This reading in particular brought interesting points like factors that affect the experimenter in approaching his experiment. Even the introduction of new technologies affect different experimental approaches and they way type is seen and produced. At first I didn't think of the powerful effect culture played such an important role and social but looking at the examples in the book is evident that it does. Something that it was emphasized and that I began to consider and see in the atypeical symposium is that the experimental typography is not the single element of the letter forms being altered but the whole space and the overall layout. Is important to experiment even if it doesn't have a real application both readings emphasized process and learning and developing strategic points of overall design.

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