Monday, March 21, 2011

Reading Response: Experimental Typography. whatever that means.

For me experimental type means innovative in the use of material or breaking the conventions or set of rules in typography. The word experimental I think of a scientific experiment in which the process is as important as the final outcome, but to a certain degree of surprise will occur since the experimenter doesn't have total control of the final stage . Peter Bil'ak version of Experimental Type involves testing an idea, and the process and how certain outcome occurs. Peter Bil'ak mentions the book "The Typographic Experiment: Radical Innovation in Contemporary Type Design the author Treal Triggs in the book thirty-five different designers were asked to define their understanding of the term "experiment" they all gave various interpretations. American designer David Carson and several other designers came down to the conclusion that experiment lies in the novelty of the final or the outcome of the experiment, which I agree. Peter makes an interesting point that in this era, in which information travels really fast designers are more aware of the body of work of other designers and therefore novelty is not new, because somebody might have done it so it is the job of a designer to do through research. Peter also draws attention to Carson's comment which in regards to my opinion I feel that is true when experimentation is breaking the conventions in order to make anti-conventionalist experiments the process one uses conventional solutions. I think that depending on the material reacts can have a different perspective. For instance Keetra Dixon recently showed her work and one piece in particular such as the " I've been thinking of you for a while" the layered wax the material had a different reaction and the solutions was a conventional as cutting it out but without trying it no one will know, and it turned into a beautiful peace. Pushing legibility has been a challenge as mentioned by the reading in comparison to linguistics, typographers care about the visual component of letterforms and pushing those limits and what our physically eye can read and understand. I definitely I agree that experimentation is about taking risks and even Keetra mentioned that if that there was something she would had done is "taking more risks". One particular phrase that I found very interesting and that I agree is that we can consider an experiment in the process of it's creation. When completed it becomes part of a body of work that is meant to challenge and it has a final form can be name and categorized. Experimental process has no commercial applications, but formally it is used today by commercial giants to make their visuals more interesting.

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