Friday, September 17, 2010

Language: Tender Buttons: Final Artifact and Final Direction

Through my exploration I wanted to focus on the repetition and also create a 9 system column in which the text moves and the changes between the typefaces Clarendon and Avenir , to reflect how an object losses it's charm. After reading the poems and analyzing I want to portray it with the contrast created by the overlay. I bound the book by being stitched and it contains a selection of 15 poems form the objects section. I also use a cover that is very light and adds a bit of texture and by using flowers also reflecting this cycle and feeling of temporal that things are not going to last forever as well the delicacy of the medium portrays the importance of fragility. The book ends with the word shadow which is fragmented from the poem " A blue coat" the word fragmented is shadow because that is what you left sometimes with he just faint memory or vaguely remembrance of something that once had a charm and an uniqueness. The final artifact is 6.5" X 11".

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