Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Language : Tender Buttons by Getrude Stein Process and Direction

Understanding language and expressive typography. During the summer when I was in NYC I was able to see a Picasso exhibition as well as the famous Getrude Stein which was also shown. She is the author of a couple of literature pieces the one that I will be re-desiging is Tender Buttons: Objects, Food, Rooms which was originally published in 1914.
I want to reflect the cubism aspect and showing multiple perspectives and I want to use vellum and use the layering method not only to build but also reflect the complexity but after reading her poems I wanted to reflect the repetition.
I was to explore the possibility of maybe using the concept of analytical cubism by having the texture of certain object has such as the table being brown using newsprint paper. So the reader aside from the text the tactical material of the medium also make the connection and interaction with the viewer.

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