Sunday, September 5, 2010

Matrix Additions & Exploration of Rendering Methods

Updated matrix (left) and exploration of rendering methods (right)

Through my mind mapping and research I felt that a great of The Bad Plus are very contemporary in the world of jazz. i wanted to use layering as a method to reflect the chaotic and looseness that they have to their music. I felt that collage will be a proper and contemporary approach to reflect the music and chaos that it presents at times. I also explored the use of cellophane a translucent material to build layers of color and for some of my abstract sketches I feel like that will be a great way to render those compositions. Water color was another approach that I decided to use as a way to also build layers. I also decided to explore the building of layers through various scraps of paper. The layering of color aid and creating transparent through the saturation and layering and my last experimentation was markers.



water color

These are some of the additions that I made to the matrix:

hyperbole : because is an exaggeration of the eye, draws emphasis considering that the eye in real life doesn't appear in those kind of dimensions in real life but I wanted to create this exaggeration to reflect that they are visionaries.
personification: since The Bad Plus is contemporary, I wanted to use a high top sneaker but gave it the qualities of the band by morphing their instruments into a sneaker.

personification: I illustrated the 3 band members into three different and separate triangles. They have the characteristics of the members of the band.

metonym: I have replaced the outer phonograph with the icon of the volume to give it a contemporary spin. Considering that both have the function of sound and volume.

pun: I still want to continue exploring the idea of the bomb to reflect the explosiveness of the music of the bad plus and by adding the words "the bad plus will blow your mind" and then reflect it by showing the top of the head seem like an explosion of an atomic bomb.

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