Saturday, September 18, 2010

Undestanding Comics by Scott Mc Cloud

After, the reading Understanding Comic by Scott Mc Cloud , it showed me the importance of the interaction between the viewer has with a narrative and how the viewer creates closure .
For instance in the example above he makes clear how the mind and the participation of the viewer is essential in creating legs while they are not in the frame. Closure is essential for the viewer and is the agent of of change time and motion the participation of the viewer is very important. A shape or outline can triggered closure, but by having this interaction with the viewer in which they do to also have to playa role is the way a viewer can keep himself interested and attentive in the reading. In the reading he describes various transitions to bring closure to the viewer which are :
Moment to moment
action to action
scene to scene
subject to subject
aspect to aspect
non- sequitor
These transitions happen between the gutter and how is carried to the next scene. This reading showed me that sometimes you don't have to show so much because if is recognizable to the viewer their interaction and their role can finish the narrative. I want to use more of the abstract transitions because I feel that the topic of running is recognizable.

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