Sunday, September 26, 2010

Find & Share: Products

This transparent facial bar by Neutrogena falls in ethos because it has a " dermatologist recommends this product" which the credibility of the product becomes trustworthy. Having a doctor approved a dermatologist, gives credibility of the product as being something reliable. As well as Neutrogena as a brand has had a reputation of being a product that can give a healthy-skin is recognizable brand. Having the an outsider statement and dermatologist that are professionals in the field of skin treatment and their advice and credibility is an element of trustworthiness in this product.

The Lucini Tuscan Tomato & Basil soup falls in the pathos because this products appeals to the viewer or consumer senses. The front it uses some sensory detail words like "fresh , savory, regional recipe". In the back of my product, is arranged more in a narrative way in which appeals and draws the viewer's imagination to play. " The signature flavors of the Tuscan kitchen are celebrated in this elegant recipe fresh plum tomatoes, basil, garlic and a touch of sweetness from aged balsamic vinegar. Each Lucini soup is carefully prepared in small batches to capture flavors and aromas of fresh high-quality ingredients." It gives a narration if the product and it's ingredients and it appeals to the senses of taste and smell due to the aroma being described.


The Grapeola or grape seed oil falls in the logos or logical category. The approach of this product to use reasoning and they due so by having a chart in front label where it compares Grapeola oil and Olive oil and it gives percentages and facts and the benefits of choosing Grapeola oil over any other kind of brand. It gives facts about the amounts of polyunsaturated fat, Omega6 and Vitamin E being large quantities and of benefit picking this type of oil. Even in the back they are facts given about the rich quantities of Vitamin E , polyunsaturated and that it only takes a half to be used to cook. The argument is clear with the use of the bar graph in front to make a clear comparison and the ingredients in this product; it appeals to consumers to buy this product based on the facts stated.

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