Monday, September 6, 2010

Directions for The Bad Plus

In the group above was a direction to describe the way the music of The Bad Plus. As I listen to their music in sections of their beats they are so chaotic and loose they made me feel a bit dizzy. They are moments in the second that it gets chaotic and losses control. i wanted to reference either a turmoil or an explosion that I feel it happens in your head.

The concepts above they reference the style of Malevich yes I want to reference how they deconstruct songs and make them contemporary and since they are trio want to combine and layer the instruments and combine them to make them in an unified whole.
This last idea I wanted to explore the idea of the DNA sampling , making a reference that The Bad Plus is very unique like DNA. Looking at the frequency levels emitted by volume how they appear on the stereo they look very similar to frequency levels for the high frequency. During critique though this metaphor wasn't evident and therefore i'm more inclined to go with the first two ideas. I will really like to explore the abstract of the deconstruction of the second direction.

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