Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NA Project 3: Detail Narrative

For this third project I wanted to explore the use of voice to create for the viewer/ listener the experience of running along the trail and describing the benefits of being in this community club. Through this channel I learned that is very important to have sound effects such as the environment to give more details in the story and be able to place the dialog in context.
It was interesting that through the dialog facts were given about the group, but it was interesting this exploration because imagery or text were not used as the channels yet through the voice, tone, and the surrounding noises created the imagery of these runners along the trail having a conversation. I feel that is more abstract than something more concrete like an image, diagram or text that is in front of the viewers eyes.

I constructed the narrative through placing the viewer in the place and location or mise-en-scene by using the surrounding sounds and these props like the car passing a change in time. As well as the feet and their pace reflect duration. Is a dialog through two runners there is an interaction as well as the change of time is reflected through the dialog and conversation between the runners reflect also reflect the change through time.


  1. Hey Karen.

    Adding the subtle details in the background was a good move. It adds another layer that sets the mood of the narrative. The footsteps are good, because it reinforces the idea of the two ladies running. I have a few suggestions; It seems your project has a heavy focus on the community, and the surrounding environment being "safe." If you were to add another layer to your ambient background like children playing at the park. People sitting on a bench talking. The sounds you would hear in a safe neighborhood or park where people like to run. As far as the story or content goes, it feels like it starts at an arbitrary point. Maybe through small talk they set up the problem, and then speak of the solution instead of: solution then problem. For example the two ladies are conversing about running around the neighborhood, and how they don't like to run alone, or where the best running spots are. Then leads into the club, like "I found this great trail off of Gillham very nice area, the running community is great for discovering new places to run. Plus there are cute guys." Something to lead the viewer.

  2. Using the communication channel of audio was an excellent idea. If I was to hear this on the radio I could clearly understand that they are running in a group, and having fun at that. The listener is able to indicate that they are in the act of running but the thumping noises as well as the dialog louder and softer. It seems that you have a good hold on the narrative as well, starting off with the positive side of running in a group, using the safety and the comical point of meeting guys. However, you mention meeting guys twice and I thought that was a bit repetitive. Another point to watch out from is to make sure your not offending anyone who might not be interested in guys (lol.. =/)... Something other points you might try and make for next time are what trails you do use, perhaps "gosh I am going to be so ready for yogurtini when i'm done running" allow the listener to know that this club has like a happy hour after the runner's are done. Something you might look into is also, will there be any competition? Perhaps running in a group helps you go out for your first 5K, or something, like motivative support to achieve goals you wouldn't usually do on your own

  3. Hey Karen.

    you create a good atmosphere with the ambient noises. the shakiness of the voices helps too. it sounds fairly natural. i like the lead up to the website - "we should from a group... add a .com to that" i think cute guys only needs to be mentioned once. personally, i don't have a whole lot of interest in meeting cute guys and i think that you're trying to make this appealing to all people, not just women. also, right at the beginning the audio was a little hard to make out. i thought she said that she liked, "this group," as in a musical group and that the music comforted her as she ran. haha. it took me a couple times to realize what she was saying. did you repeat that laugh? one time during the end it sounded kinda funky.