Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Packaging: Neutrogena

The re-design using the mode of appeal of logos , I wanted to approach this appeal by stylistically represent the layers of skin in a diagram. On the side of the box, the copy tells the consumer the use and the benefits of using the Neutrogena transparent facial bar. In a logical way it tells the viewer the facts and the reasons they should pick this product over any other product. Those reasons being to remove bacteria and make up , preserve skin and dermis healthy and prevent sebaceous glands from clogging. For the mode of appeal of pathos using the metaphor of clear sky to the clear skin. The test is very minimal and the gradient triggers the consumers imagination and allude to the sky.

Linear Process
In this progression is started with a rough thumbnail sketch of the layers of skin. In the refine sketch I had a more simplistic approach which I took it in the last product. The text was still in the front and it was used in all the beginning explorations it wasn't until the last that I decided to use the side of the panels. On my first digital approach it was very representational of a diagram yet it lacked the impact and the simple approach of a scientific diagram. I reflected and went back to the abstract language and creating patterns. The first abstract approach ( fourth from the left) and the use of repetition I felt that it will add to the imagery, yet the pattern was still elaborated and the top layer it looked like a sky. The Following patterns were to dense and it lack the simplification. Text exploration mainly was on the sides so the image had more emphasis. In the very last design of the package, the pattern is simple yet readable the separation of the different of layers of skin are evident.

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