Friday, October 8, 2010

Mike McCoy Lecture

Mike mcCoy an industrial designer , discussed the approach of product design in the 1990's which was more or less the making boxes and shoving new products in it, later it became about communicating through the form. Break through came about in which product design, from which the design broke from the format of the box and became more expressive. Product semantics which is the meaning of form; a very experimental stage. Design research , not making extreme but how the user interacts and the function in a daily basis. Prototyping showing an idea physically in a short amount of time. Graphic novels the style that he feels that is more compelling to show people interactions and situations. People centered design: implies the social nature and community of design. For example airport, emergency room, navigation on the subway they are design without considering the experience of the user. People centered design tools for understand and improving the experience. Ways of looking framework: activities, environment, interaction, objects and users (AEIOU) Is more of a checklist when design something complex in order to focus on the experience of the user. Analytical scenarios, you can place in this graphic novel, interaction and you can use profile and factious characters as a way to guide the user. Storyboards and ways of invision , the innovative is how is going to be seen. Design is like a zoom lens, the designer can remove the block shifting perspecitve really fast from deatil to the whole composition. Projections: they way you present it your concept and allows for idea to be visible. Scenarios: team building tool-storytelling: analytical tool: observations shadowing, it allows to test things quicker even at prototype stage. Having rough ideas allows for quickness in brainstorming and the importnace of testing and making sure of the user experience.
Something that he spoke was about the quickness of prototyping to make sure you consider the user experience and when I get to prototyping stage of our products I will definitely consider in the process of making the mock -ups of the Neutrogena product.

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