Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reading Response : Tropicana Re-design

The New York Times article by Stuart Elliot, reflects in the importance of imagery, the emotional bond between consumers and products, the quickness of technology these days that allows the consumers to interact and respond to the makers and big companies decisions. As shown above Tropicana re-design their packaging, as mentioned in the article they didn't have the best feed back in regards to the new design. Mainly was the change of imagery, the orange in which a straw protrudes from the orange which evokes or pathos fresh taste and logos since it indicates that what you see is what you get in the box. Ethos or the credibility of the brand and it's recognizable logo in which makes it stand out from the other brands was replaced as mentioned in the article by this glass which makes it look like just another over the counter brands. This article also reflected that even though it was just the packaging it affected the whole campaign, meaning ads, outdoor print and commercials. In their campaign they are using several photographs of father hugging children which is very uncommon imagery in food products, clearly is appealing through pathos because it makes the consumer think and their imagination is trigger through this imagery. This article also drew the attention of the consumers and their "voice" and their opinions.

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  1. So true, now days companies have to be innovative with the marketing! importance of imagery means stay in business or Failure