Monday, October 4, 2010

Project 5: Combined Narrative KC Pro Health Community Runners

Project 5 : Combined Narrative from Karen Villalba on Vimeo.

The two combination of text and voice to create a combined to give more information about KC Pro Health Community Runners. Through the process of combining these two elements so that they worked together taken into account the critiques given to each of the individual channel. On my last project 4 in which I used text jogging into stage yet the up and down movement was not evident and in this this refinement of the channel I tried to add that motion to create the effect of running more evident. I had some brands in my previous version but on this version the words are all generic and terminology for runners wardrobe. I added "spandex" for a second individual to be on the stage since it suited the sound considering that they are two different people speaking through voice my other channel. I learned through this process the value of editing considering what was important or what the information that I wanted people to hear, considering that my sound piece was a 41 second clipped and then my text a 10 second. In my sound critique was mentioned that I should remove the second mentioned of "the cute guys on the trail" which I felt that in my final piece it made more concise. The relationships created using both of these channels in my animation, allowed for the words depicting wardrobe to have a meaning and with the dialogue give the impression of 2 people running on the trail. My text animation was very simple and therefore by having audio and explaining the role KC Pro Health Community Runners which allows for networking and safety and is easy to join that is even accessible on their site. The color of the text was to reflect both of feminine voices that are heard on the sound selection.

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