Friday, October 29, 2010

Test : Ethos, Pathos and Logos


This sketch reflects the mode of appeal of ethos by gaining the audience trust through a credible authority , which is reflected through the seal of approval of the University of Maryland Medical Center this source informs the consumer that Grapeola helps in treating : high cholesterol, edema, cancer and hypertension. By having this institution back up the facts, it makes Grapeola a trustworthy product.


This product alludes to the consumer fears. The imagery of a dead mouse gives an emotional response of disgust. This was interesting because it was a negative image and produces disgust, and also it gives a narrative of the effects that will happen to the mouse after he eats this poison.


This redesign approach the mode of appeal that is covey is logos by the stylistic approach of referencing or creating a diagram. In a logical way it references the various layers of skin and by the captions on the side it states the facts and what the product does for your skin. The issue is having bad skin and Neutrogena provides that solutions since it removes bacteria, make up and grime which are the reasons for glands clogging.

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