Monday, October 4, 2010

Neutrogena & It's Appeal

After my concept exploration the product that I will be focusing through these weeks will beNeutrogena the transparent facial bar with Net Wt. 3.5 OZ (100g). Based on the thumbnails that were made before, I have made some refined and sketches and concepts have been made. The intended audience for this product is mainly women but it's use as a product is suppose to attract men and female since is a facial cleanser, since bad skin affects both sexes. Neutrogena is also supposed to attract younger people since they are ones that usually have troubles with her skin.

The concepts that have been developed are :


1. Reflecting Neutrogena as a sexy woman that has been captured as she is about to step to bath. In pushing this idea further I will like to take some of the fluidity of the art nouveau and the organic style to reflect the organic , natural sense of skin, smoothness that Neutrogena is promoting through the use of this product.

2. Another concept is the using a clear sky or other "full bleed clear elements" as a way to reference clear skin. By making this connection the consumer can think of something to think of the idea of clear, clarity, purity that you are supposed to experience of your face after using the transparent facial bar.

Other clear, purity, clarity full bleed concepts are :
1. sky
2. glass
3. water
4. erase
5. lilies
6. crystal
3. The washing face since is this product sensation and feeling of fresh skin happens during and after the use of the transparent facial bar. Is the splashing of water and the submerging of the face in water.


4. Reflecting the layers of the skin and give information about glands and clogging of pores. Using the structure of their logo as a banner an in a logical way explain through the package to the consumer the facts about why pores clog and the layers of the skin and where it happens.

5. How-to of using Neutrogena's : transparent facial bar. Just reflecting the steps in a step by step process.

6. By showing a problem skin and Neutrogena being the logical solution. Logical explains that acne is an issue and Neutrogena's facial bar has the solution in removing the blemishes. In continue further with this idea to keep in the "logos" appeal with out evoking any emotion I will have amore abstract approach to this concept.

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