Friday, October 9, 2009

Group Crit: Kelsey Anderson and Karen Villalba

This is a straight line study that reflects balance and the picture on the right is of a trash can.
Different that were said where the digital craft, to get the the last stroke of the line study and the first stroke of the image to match. One of the good comments was the texture of the image , I feel though that as mentioned in the last critique my compositions should follow the same format this one is the only one that breaks from the horizontal format of the rest of my line studies. I'm going to try matching the image as closely as I can.
There were suggestions made in regards the image on the (left ) to try to rotate it or inverse it and see wether it will help the flowing of the transition. Kelsey view on wether the images didn't really match, yet she felt that the essence or the dialogue between the images is evident. I'm going to take Kelsey's criticism and try different rotations.
Kelsey liked the simplicity and it's contrast. She felt that is a good one for the final pile.

04_Balance _ Straight
Kelsey liked the dents on the gate of the image on the (right). Though compare to the other previous ones , this one is too similar to the line study.

I fix aspects that in the last critique were not working. Kelsey noticed that the window has a rounded edge so the middle window of the train looks a bit off and that i should move it more to the left to have a straighter edge just like in the line study. To watch for my digital craft , on the top left corner there a vertical line that is not part of the train that is very distracting.I'm going to carefully line them up and remove the line on the left corner.
I made the image (right) with more contrast and made the edges white and I zoomed out and it matches more to my line study. Kelsey liked it and she felt that this also should be in the final pile.
I have to retake this image as I tried to zoom in it got much more pixelated. I took the advice of the last critique to make my image connect it to my line study and create it into a cohesive whole. Kelsey felt that it was good and that I should retake it the photograph to have a greater resolution.
Kelsey saw where I was going with the image, the top and bottom match but the brick is too distracting and the window is very dominant and that break is not visible in the line study. Kelsey suggested and I thinks is good to take the photo from the side of the building where is not as distracting.
01_Random _Combination
Kelsey liked and she also felt that this should in the final pile.
On the tracing I took some of the lines and Kelsey felt that they did connect and to see wether I should remove some lines from middle and down of my line study. I will try and see wether it looks better.
In regards to this juxtaposition , Kelsey suggested that I should see it really zoomed out and see wether the images still match and to try to rotate one or the other to match them more evenly.

Today my goal is to take more photographs and do more editing on my previous studies to improve them.

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