Sunday, October 4, 2009

Manipulating Lines

We also created combined line studies, by using there basic line studies and combining them and creating other line studies that reflect the same variables: balance, progression and random.

Combination of a Balance line study

Combination of a Progression line study

Combination of a Random line study

The next stage is creating curved and diagonal lines, by manipulating our first studies by using the scanner, the photocopier (Konica) , we even folded the paper as a different attempt to create diagonal line studies ; and the projector. These are some variations that Keaton and I have created.

Curved Line Study manipulated using
the photocopier (Konica)

Diagonal line study by folding the paper

Diagonal line study using the projector and the room

Curved line study using the scanner

Through this project I realized the importance of communication, working together as well as the importance of digital craft.

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