Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reading Response : Interaction of Color

In the reading Interaction of Color by Josef Albers, in which:
I. Color Recollection: they way our visual memory and auditory memory works . The fact that our visual memory is weaker than auditory , he gives an example such as someone saying : red (the color). People would have different color shades on their minds.
II. Color reading and contexture: our ways of reading color and the interaction between colors.
III.Why color paper--- instead of pigment and paint: it list the reasons why is better to use color paper in comparison to paint, for these reasons:
1. Innumerable colors in large range of shades and tints in immediate use.
2. They are easy accessible such as in packing papers, magazines, decoration papers, paint samples. (I understood the reasons for searching for paint swatches around town.)
4. Avoids unnecessary mixing of paints.
5. Save time and materials.
6. Allows to use precisely the same color without the slightest change in tone, light or surface quality.
7.Color paper protects us from undesired and unnecessary addition of texture.
IV. A color has many faces-the relativity of color: color is the most relatively medium in art. As mentioned in last class, and an assignment was giving to us for some exploration on a trial-and-error basis. It it gives me a hint that there will some colors that are will be really hard to change; while there will be other susceptible to change.

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