Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project 2 : Reading Response

In the reading Graphic Design The New Basics by Ellen Lupton , the chapters lines and rhythm.
Line shows that is just not a simple element it can contain different weights, thickness and texture. In the current project of line investigations as a tool to reflect the interval of progression the use of weight and thickness was use in order to communicate.

The repetition of elements create rhythm and can also describe volumes, planes and textures. One of our line studies reflects this occurrence of the use of repetition of lines in this particular line combination study, it even creates a 3-D surface:

01_Combination _Progression

Through the use of a projector as a tool to create diagonal lines, the lines incorporated planes and a perspective. Planes have paths of a moving line and by doing so it creates a linear perspective by which creates optical distortions making near objects appear bigger and far objects become smaller such as the diagonal study below.

04_Diagonal Line_Projector

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  1. good reading response - presenting select examples from your own work that best articulate the concepts from the reading