Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project 2: Reading Response

In the reading found in Lupton's Graphic Design The New Basics, in regards to figure and ground relationship. In which all things have an interaction with it's surroundings and other things. As well as the interaction and activation of the white spaces and wether their space is balance or has the same appealing quality. Figure and ground relates to positive and negative interaction of space. In particular, this project Keaton and I or the first phase of this project as a collaborative project, we labeled their figure ground relationship into three categories (Stable, Reversible and Ambiguous).

For Example in these studies figure ground relationship is seen as follows:

Stable: because the line in the middle in which this element stands clearly apart from the background.

Reversible: since the negative and positive figure / ground relationship causes confusion in wether one is looking at the foreground or background. It attracts the viewer in an equal manner throughout.
Ambiguous: there is no focal point, the focus is scatter and there is no dominance or order display on this composition among the figure ground relationship.

Lupton also talks about framing and is the how we make the element standout, it divides the image from its background and serves also asa transition. In Project 2 , aside from having a 7X7 frame to arrange our compositions, the use of the camera to frame the line study that we felt that juxtaposed was essential. Cropping in which one alters and it changes the focus of the picture giving a different meaning and emphasis.
For instance I used:

Actual photograph

Final Juxtaposition
This reflects how cropping was used from the original image. As well as framing in order to fit on the spread.

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  1. great analysis of your work and in correlation to the principles you are learning.