Sunday, October 11, 2009

Narrative Letterform Part II ( Cropping letterforms and Image Integration)

After our selection of the letterform and making lists of words the final animation has come to an end. As mentioned in the previous post after my selection of the letter "f" and the two font styles Helvetica Std and Goudy Std.
In order to get the best compositions, I cropped the letterform using the mask in illustrator and placing it on the 3"x3" frame. The best were chosen from the font faces and these were the final compositions that were going to be use for my image content integration and the final animation in Flash.

Helvetica Std & Goudy Std
Cropping Compositions

Adding content was the next stage in these compositions, found images were intagrated based on my final group words which were Face & Facade and Fur & Fox. The method used to break the compositions and separate the elements with pathfinder and masking it in Illustrator.After this stage I made my final group words to be Face and Facade.

Compositions with Content

Sequences of the animation were made in order to create a smooth transition between both typefaces. The top sequential animation was the final choice, and in the final animation I decided that it will be a better transition to move from a thin stroke letter as the typeface Goudy to the bold, heavy stroke Helvetica Std.

Everything was placed in Adobe Flash , this is my final animation and it has sound of the city and voices to reflect my theme of Face and Facade and the imagery selected.

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