Friday, October 2, 2009

A Narrative Letterform

The exploration of the differences of letterforms became more evident in the process of building this sequence animation.
  • The first part was to pick two typefaces from the font list : I picked Helvetica Std and Futura Std yet the stroke weight was too similar so I changed it. My final selection was Helvetica Std and Goudy Std to make the contrast between both letterforms evident.
I selected the letter "f" because I felt like I could make an interesting animation using this letter. After seeing Tammy's animation in class, I realized that I wanted to talk about fashion or femininity.
  • Then I made a list of all the words such as objects, textures and things that start with the letter "f". (In an earlier post)
  • The final group words : 1. fox- fur ; 2. fashion-fabric; 3. facade-face; 4. feds-file; 5. fur-fashion; 6. feminine- fashion; 7. feminine-fashion
  • My final selection for the animation : FACE & FACADE

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