Friday, October 9, 2009

NY Times

The SpeakUp article, motivates me to see advertisements and publicity in a different context and becoming more aware of the juxtapositions and correspondence that occurs in magazines. There is a correlation between the contrast between publicity's world and the world's actual condition, it was interesting that firms are becoming aware that unplanned juxtapositions in magazines have moral a effect on the viewer , and have decided to change colors of the imagery. In this article, layout design is mentioned as means of linking or correspondence between imagery, text and shapes. In this article it talks specifically of the third page of the new York Times and the relationship with the ad's of Tiffany and Co. and the way it echoes or correspondences tot eh imagery, by the linking of the shapes, text or imagery. It was interesting looking at some examples for the past 30 years that he had collected and looking at the juxtapositions and their relationship through time. It not only motivates me to look at magazine layout and searching for correspondence as well as with the current project , creating a link between our line studies and the world around us. It is important with juxtapositions becuase they can change the meaning of the image next to them, emphasize their content or change it into a conceptual level.

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