Friday, October 23, 2009

Project 2 : Final Statement

The final artifact has been created, an 8 paged accordion book. This book was started and it's concept is the idea of "marks". A mark: is a visible impression or trace on something such as a line, cut, dent, stain. As well as "landmarks" , because on a geographical context they mark and place , indicates a site on a boundary line. In regards to this project, lines are marks. I title the book of my book " En route" which means on the way because along the searching of the juxtapositions I found all these marks and compile them into a book. The paragraph is reminiscent of combine line study , and I wanted to give the impression of two cars on each lane of the road.
My first page it starts with an impression on the road half-grass and the other half cement. This a is a mark, the next spread is that of a progression line study and the juxtaposition is to that of a gate, in the downtown area but even a gate is an arrangement of marks and these have dents.

Juxtaposition of Progression (2nd Spread)

The other spreads included buildings, they are landmarks , geographical marks along the downtown area of Kansas City. They mark different regions the first buildings is at the beginning when the Sprint center is at the core of the downtown area. As well as a fountain located in the downtown area, is also a "landmark".

First Building

Even close range photos emphasized on the marks, like my combine progression juxtaposition in which you have to look closely at the marks that are within the glass and as well as the bench in which it also is filled with marks. As a close up one can see that the separation between the different groves of the bench is a combination of horizontal and vertical marks.

Combine Progression , if one looks closer there are marks on the glass.

Diagonal Line study is a bench in downtown and there are marks and scratches.

The end of the book ends with a mark as well the curved line on the parking spot in downtown. Is a mark on the street ground .

Last Spread

I arrange my book starting with a basic line straight study and ends with a curve line study. The middle or core of my book is arranged with complex line studies. Through rhythm and repetitions, some of my spreads appear to have texture, tonality, just like in the readings for instance my combination of progression.

Progression line study

The above progression study almost appears to have a 3-d effect Is very interesting looking through the actual photographs and how framing and cropping had such an important role to have the juxtapositions have a more flowing transition among the pages.
The title of my book is "En Route" my photos are from the downtown area, the title reflects the many stops along my search. As I mentioned in my earlier posts the whole project in comparison to the first project the attention to digital craft.

I was planning in building a case, even though I haven't builded for this stage it will be build for my final revise version of this project.

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