Saturday, October 17, 2009

Seeing Color: Environmental narrative


I was influenced highly to the films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet with his use of colors in the environment; he captures the Parisian life. In my narrative book I will like to capture the midwest environments and it’s colors in particular in the house. I will like to take pictures of people kitchen, furniture and surrounding space. Variations of colors are evident in people’s home.


I personally love clothes and I feel that people dress according on how they feel , and they use color to reflect it. Clothes and color are interesting and appealing , because people make different combinations. Some people are more color coordinated and arrange their clothes in a more organize palette , while others don’t. I will like to focus my narrative book into a study of the several color schemes people create with their clothes.

Department Stores

Stores like Betsey Johnson down on the plaza reflect the extension of color in one store. Throughout all the stores it is evident that color is utilize to attract , or create emphasize on the merchandize being sold. I remember being little and going to a Sanrio store, it was its colors that attract my attention. I will like to study how their environment of the store and its color with its merchandise create and interest people as the walk through department stores.


Food ranges in different colors, in this narrative book I will like to be focusing on vegetables and fruits. These colors are natural and I’m amazed by the different variations and color schemes that can be found. The different shades of green , red and others are evident in these nutritional food.

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