Friday, February 5, 2010

design process, from type & image by phillp meggs

In chapter 5, phillip meggs describes the design process which I find myself following the process in finding the solution to various design problems. In this particular project we identify the problem creating a poster that motivates change for the AIGA Poster Clash. In the website there are guidelines that one must followed as well as there having the theme of the poster "change one thing". Information gathering, for the design of this poster I feel very passionate as a woman and a cancer survivor to bring awareness about in cancer in particular breast cancer which is my idea or theme, which is the leading factor in death among women and the least that women get tested for. Vertical and lateral thinking was done during the process of brainstorming and notation which I posted earlier of the sketches that were the foundation in my overall design. Through this process it allowed me to discard the cliches and focused into new ideas. Synthesis and ocular renaissance., looking through books for inspiration and looking for images helped have a better understanding and approaching the theme. During the solution finding and establishing the criteria, as a class we decided and my peers and instructor were the audience and the elimination of weaker ideas took place and therefore the process of this assignment has not being finalized.
I think that this process is applicable in the real world especially in finding the solution to design problems. After the reading I and reading the process there were things that I found myself doing it unconsciously but in this reading it made emphasizes to the steps that help finding the solution to creative problems.
Here are other ideas that I approached using collage and looking at Czech and Cuban posters for inspiration:

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