Friday, February 19, 2010

final the constructed image of marilyn monroe

I was able to finally obtain an hourglass and a typewriter to write the quote and make it look more realistic than I did on my first design. I have added a new index which is in the bottom , is a photograph of her famous white dress.
I used an composition that required overlapping which I was inspired by the synthetic cubism and is relevant in regards to Marilyn by her complexity and the different layers she had. The hourglass is to depict time in regards that she has die as well as a symbol of her curvy body and the way she was known while dating Arthur Miller. There is a man applauding in the background as an indication of her being a sex symbol. The script Some Like It Hot which she played a role in. The diamond necklace not only represents that the famous song " Diamonds are girl's best friends" but also to represent her death and her inability to find happiness and everything because she thought that the concept of an actress was greater than being one as explained in the quote. The script above are excerpts of a screenplay but they were carefully selected where they describe tardiness and over sleeping which it was an index of Marilyn monroe on movie sets. The red lips as a symbol of her and to describe her sexuality. The use of a golden lighting is to depict a time period as well the vibrancy of the Hollywood lights.

After critique , it was emphasized the fact that I didn't use other symbols or index that were not cliches of her. That I should have tried to depict a different aspect of her life. I also noticed during critique that I should have used different type of lighting and different arrangement of the objects and more overlapping to create that "cubist" feel that I was first trying to depict.

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