Wednesday, February 24, 2010

little black dress icons geometric approach part III

The panty hose didn't work with my set and communicating clearly the object that is suppose to be. Refinements have been made and the set that I really liked is the one that is inverse from my previous design, because I been trying to fill the dress but it stands out more the rest of icons and becomes an anomaly. I feel this set works better as a set and I also had Andrea Morrris (Mo) a junior in Design, to look at my icons and fill out a set of questions that dealt with several points such as legibility, cohesion, form, craftsmanship and wether the story could be figure out for the set of icons.

refined icons with a light stroke

refined icons with a heave stroke
refined icons filled

refined icons with inverse of white to black

Mo's Comments

legibility is working but the only one that I'm having troubles
is communicating the rose

I showed her the other set and she felt that these were the most cohesive as a group.
She indicated about the heel of my shoe and one of the strokes being to small for the overall space that it took. There was a single line on my purse and that is the only line independent in comparison to the set. The rose she had doubts wether it was a rose or an ice-pick.

edited icons based on Mo's comments

A SPECIAL THANKS TO: 'MO' thanks for your comments and criticism


  1. Karen, in addition to your final set with the outline component, I want you to expand the system to also include a version of "refined icons filled" (all black). This is similar to what I asked Julie to do. See her example here.

  2. you're welcome! they are looking nice.