Thursday, February 18, 2010

F&S: icons

I came across a site : in which they create custom icon designs for different companies. Browsing through this site I came across a couple of icons that they have design and a couple of things were very similar in the process and the creation of my own icons.

In this example they redesign a set of icons for the the relaunched Fine Cooking Magazine and they are meant for this magazine's content on print and on the web. I personally don't like the bright blue color, the background's intensity with the pictogram. The selection of the designer though it was chosen to keep with the magazine's color brand.

Fine Cooking Magazine

Through out the creation the designers kept in mind the same visual language.
In regards to the corners, cuts and lines have the similar values (as shown above).
Similar in my own attempt to keep a consistency so all the pictograms have the same visual language.

Final Set of icons

AOL website icons

They also developed the 30 icons for the AOL website yet as shown below they have reduced the scale of it , similar to the way that we have been designing our icons in a bigger scale and scaling them down, to see wether their legibility is still clear when used for instance in the web, just like these icons are mainly meant to be used for.
AOL icons reduced 16x16 px

I agree that in the creation of icons, simplicity and clear understanding of the shape allows for a wide range of group , and in a visual language overcoming the barrier between languages and unifying nations into an universal language.

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