Sunday, February 28, 2010

seven virtues

"Flowers are a perfect replica of human life" . . . . planting . . . growth . . . . bloom . . . . withering."This project I have decided to use flowers and their symbolic meaning in representing each of the seven virtues which are:

chasity:white lilly or queenanneslace
charity: tulip and a moss
diligence: red clover
patience: aster or daisy
kindness: flax or elderberries
humility:blue bell or the white rose
I been looking at several different ways to photograph the flowers. I been looking through several of fine artist and photographers such as Georgia O'Keffe , Andy Small, Tony Howell and Virginia Sanders.

tulip: charity

white lilly : chasity


diligence: red clover
patience: daisy

kindness: flax

humility: white rose

I was able to do some test shots and I decided to use a white background and having interaction with more than just one flower and if it is , for example with chasity the flower needs to be closed.

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