Tuesday, February 9, 2010

reading 02 : Pictograms Icons

Pictograms developed even further due to the global developments and the rise of technology. The pictogram is understood in three phases:
The first glance: the most important qualities of an object are perceived.
The second glance: the less important qualities of an object are perceived.
The third glance: additional details are perceived.

Pictograms have helped the transportation, commercialization and the olympic games. it took time but the use of pictograms for the used for local and long distance, it brought cultures closer and people of diverse languages and cultural backgrounds. Railway stations and airports grew both in numbers and centers, due to the spread of pictograms and their understanding through society. In commercialization pictograms allows for a fast communication and international companies were quick to learn. The effect of the pictograms was visible at the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 (as shown underneath) the pictograms were systematically geometrical images that were used to communicate facts to visitors.

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