Saturday, February 20, 2010

reading 04: generate and cull

In the article Generate and Cull about the design strategy to generate a wide range of solutions and then through a process of selection pick the one that works best. In regards to this assignment it was necessary to create several solutions and different ways to come out with the best icon. In the stages of processing ideas working on quick material allows you to generate a large number of solutions, during this project I used tracing paper allowing me to quickly trace core the general shape of the object and therefore keeping the main characteristics of the shape and yet allowing manipulation.
As listed in the article there are benefits when one works with generating and culling during the creative process and also that I felt that I have used during the creation of these group icons as well as the
1. Work through a number of ideas fairly quickly: using tracing paper it allowed me be quick during the design process.
2.Compare and contrast the strength and the weakness: looking at the different range of the designs I created to pick the best one.
3. Taking chances and less predictable safe choices: I still really need to work on creating more interesting designs I feel that the direction that I'm going is definitely a different approach and specially in regards to the feminine objects and using geometric and hard edges adds a different feel to the overall designs.
Above shows through generating and culling is an effective to come up with an interesting design

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