Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final: X-Coders : A deeper understanding to female coders

At the end of this project, we edited a couple of pages for instance we combined the initial data with our introduction. As a summation for a subculture and what we discovered in our search, was the importance of social and networking. We decided to emphasize this concept by coloring it a purple/magenta color. I'm very pleased with the quality of the images now, by having that texture it gives more of the impression of being on screen. In our final design we took the characters idea just to indicate the section as a folio but we arranged page numbers to make it easier on the reader to look through each of the sections. We also made some call out within the sections to create more hierarchy and contrast on the page. In our final design, we analyze the various spreads and the verbal audit didn't look as part of the group , Janna and I looking at various pictures of code and so it was better to take the approach of a list rather that a word cloud.

The addition of the purple hopefully adds a bit of femininity as well as adds emphasizes to social.

Pictures Of Some Spreads

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