Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Leave behind: Drawing and Collage Prompt

Erika Goering, a sophomore in Design but as a hobby she enjoys coding and who is deeply interested in technology.

When asked why she drew the elements that she drew on the drawing prompt she stated linux: is an operating system and is the basics of computer software. She wears a dorky hat and she is someone that doesn't sleep and needs coffee and her cellphone is super important.

In the "Geek Chick" prompt a collage in which Erika was asked to define the term "geek" using 10 images and arranging it form most to least that describes this term. In the first level the bubble, the heart and the fist she related to the mind set of the geek is more about the passion and ideas, being a geek is not about the surface what people wear or the outside. Is the passion. The second level relate to science and technology symbols, A+ grasping all the things and being good. Proficiency in those fields, is really important. The last two fashion and looks and the outcast element not so popular that goes in being a geek.She feels that a geek is more interested in technology and those kind of things than fashion.The least important imagery to define a geek is a fanny pack: a sterotype of people are geeks.

Erika also believes that "a female tech geek" is something that is silly, not offended but just silly!

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