Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Female Tech Enthusiast:Phone Interview with Hillary Watts Bird, VML web developer

1. What motivated you to go into a technology field?

my degree was psychology degree--development class and I didn’t do very well and got mad and to prove herself to do it.

2.How is the physical environment within the company you work for ?

is good, cube --4 of us a space --always though that was annoying and is very comforting environment

3. Is there gender inequality?

specific area VMl contracting at VML --all women --developers web developers there is only one more female. they are 3 total women Kansas City.

----web developer

4.What kind of clubs did you join in college or sorties?

joins triple E--society : computer engineering society, technology recommended as a a student --computer geeks good discounts

5.Where did you go to college? What was your major in college?

Fort Lewis in Colorado--TI state and psychology and physics and got a degree from St. Mary University- Levenworth with a degree in information technology

6. Do you remember how many women were in your major at time when you went to school? Was it very even or not? If not why?

women were a minority, when she started in information technology non -traditional students that were going back there were more women than expected

7. What was your understanding about technology back then and now?

cut and dry back then know this stuff and get a job --getting a job and now still get the degree the focus now is networking --social networking is how you meet with people --social media in clubs --is not about jobs either and you like the job and she loves job.

8. What kind of names were you called in school?

twigy in school, no other names

9. What kind of objects identify you as someone that loves technology?

smart phones and gadgets

10. If there was a fire what will be the objects that you would remove from your household?

not including my husband or kids , laptop

11. How do you feel as woman being in this profession?

there are only, she feels positive because we are breaking glass. I feel there are few woman there is a woman, they think

that you are super smart that you have all this information that people that go in the field. Not just a regular person, person

that like technology.

12. I been finding articles and I found an article that Women feel that a job is not about success but being personally happy

and rewarded, "Success is not calculated by how many numbers are on your paycheck, but if you are satisfied with your

job," said a girl in Chicago.? What do you value success or is there is something else? What are your thoughts about this


Agree with the statement, money is something part of it, happy with it. she has the ability and having ownership for what

they are doing it. They can make decisions and make things happen. the trust in her to let her go with the project. Has her

own company freelance: interactive company for 3 years, ad agencies in town start up company ivo: voice id, beehive:

department in defense in Levenworth --cool project first out--video games and how to fight--before the fight department:

the only one in that position in the whole section and I been the only one developer until now--there is one in another

group. Different--know there are a big networker with social media, is pretty obvious and I know how to do those things,

they can vouch for you.

13.What kind of words do you use daily, that if you were to say to any person outside your field they might not understand?

websites the easiest things that you do,everything else is pretty complicated to explain.

14. How do you feel about the term female tech geek?

Don’t like that the female separation because when asked tech geek is a man--the explanation they are women that are

understanding that they are typical. she is a tech geek that makes no sense.that first class: the java class --the school year

3 -4 times staying up--terrible I’m so upset with herself, family work ---balance , they didn’t have one

15. Who is your role model?

working to step dad hydrologic engineer he is a professor and applied to the school and like computers , you can compete


16. How do think people see you? People hope see her as an achiever, successful mother.

17. How do you keep track with technology news? computer and her friends artist feeds--google readers subscribe news
out lets that you are interested in. From Colorado denver post -online watch her do and police stations and twitter:operation
KC and is the police department in the kansas city area is based in search, it just happen and not wait commercials.

18. Comparing Colorado and Kansas City, how is technology viewed?
KC there is more of an artistic background , people are more in what she is involved comparing her friends from Colorado.

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