Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Interview with Angela Chang: Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I was able to conduct a skype interview with Angela Chang since she is currently at MIT.

Angela Chang


Electrical and Computer Engineer

Intern at IBM & Google

Part of the Theta sorority

1.What is your sorority? and symbols?

Theta: Greek and is academic and social support system at MIT. Symbols: kite: aspiration and a pansy flower and colors black and gold. Theta sorority they need to have the highest GPA at MIT and people are interested and where once involve, in art, dance or sports. When I had an event they would attend, is really cool because is like a little family.

at MIT they are 6 sororities and 20 fraternities. Support system that people can rely and is good to obtain better understanding.

2.Have you been in technology internships? If so describe the space and the environment and what kind of work you have to do?

Yes, google last summer and IBM 2 summers ago.

In google: it was social, she was in a group with 4 all timers, she was working on ads, easy to talk to. Noticed that there were more women engineer than men, women have different roles including in management. Women designers and they are also the finance snails. She worked in teams.

IBM was the other internship: sophomore there were 9 interns, user interface , worked in group to to brainstorm and develop the best product.

3.Why do you think that they are less women that go into the field?

Few girls play with technology. Girls are raised to play with dolls not technology.

4.Is there a majority and minority in regards to boys and girls?

At MIT no, is balance is 50% girls and 50% men , women are as seen as good as men.

5. What is your major? Are the many women in that major?

Computer engineer, at MIT Pre-med and neuro-science, computer engineer there are two software and hardware, in the hardware they are less women in that field again mentioning like before girls don’t play so much with the hardware. Women tend to be more designer like interface.

6.MIT how is the environment?

people work together in groups and help each other out all the time. Ethnicity the majority of the student body are Chinese.

7.Who is your role model?

Upperclassmen , sorority sisters that have helped me in understanding concepts. Because they are very confident , is that confidence that I want to have.

8.How are environments in a classroom? classrooms can be lecture based, people are more like to talk in labs, work hard and together assessment.

9.How do you keep track with technology?

Talking with people other students, blogs and sites like engadget.com.

10.What is your dream job?

IBM was still very corporate and people and there were more old people and the feel was different in California people were more laid back in comparison to IBM in Massachusetts. Pixar would be perfect and creating software.

11. How do people dress in your profession?

it depends about the personality, but people dress pretty plain with the school colors of MIT, or sorority gold, and black or shirt from career day from some event.

12. I like to think of myself...

Problem solver is not about learning as many programs like other school but that you can find the solution.

13.What kind of clubs are offered at MIT in regards about technology?

Society Women of Engineers : out reach program to get women involved

14.What kind of discussions do you have with people in your class vs. with other people who attend other schools and they are in the same major?

Harvard and Carnegie Mellon discussions about CS but through dialog you can pick who is from what school. MIT don’t discuss it as much but they value the importance of problem solving.

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