Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reading Response: C/ID

Frieze Art fair the brand identity was created by GTF. They promoted this fair through advertisements, cataloges and signs emphasizes their location the Regent's park setting. Through event invitations they also reflected time and the seasons. They also displayed in a series of identity the temporary structure that housed the previous year event. They also used a block sans serif type and modular device used to framed text and images.

MOMA QNS: the visual identity of the MOMA QNS concentrated on the idea of move. Base Design created the identity. The centerpiece was the new logo, a simply museum's Old Frankling Gothic logotype and the abbreviation QNS. The use of color blue was used to reference Maltzan's building. The most spectacular manifestation was the environmental design, super graphics. They created a multi part rooftop sign, which was visible from the elevated subway train. The main idea was to convey and inform visitors that MOMA had moved! (taglines)that the MOMA QNS was going to deliver the same experience as the old MOMA. The use of pictograms and icons were used in the identity to indicate direction (arrows, dashes , etc) to reflect movement.

Stedelik Museum CS:
The goal of their identity was to generate and identity and signaged that was direct, inexpensive and flexible. In the identity ,the abbreviation of the musuems full title to the initials SMCS emphasized the need for immediacy that permates the entire project. It was inspired by the pattern on air mail envelopes. The colors used are a red and blue color scheme and diagonal stripes.T he red relates to to the original Stedelik museum, the blue is full of contrast.
Jetset created a pattern that they believed was analogous and dialectic . The use of the line and the flow of the text reflect representation and abstraction. Permanetly unfixed logo is metaphor state of the museum. The signaged system was the cheapest, A-4 plastic holder , the typeface used Univers ans they also redesigned the Stedelik Museum bulletin using the red and blue and stripes to reperesent the musuem as a whole.

Walker Art Center

Have used the Matthew-Carter designed "Walker" typeface in place of more a conventional logo. Characterized by a snap-on-multi-form serifs this type face is flexible, and there is constant typographic variation. This customized type face was shown on printed environmental and on-screen applications that show against solid white or black bands as well as colors and patterns, and due to the flexibility it gives room for various variations.

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