Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Research Insights: Female Tech Enthusiast

After analyzing the new information, based off the interviews and the prompts that women that are or studying to be in the field of technology. I realized that all of them do it because they have a unique passion for this subject, they don't do it because they have to but they do it because they want to do it.
Both the students at MIT and Hillary Watts in their field they spend a lot of time in groups and the way that they work is through groups which is something that I found interesting considering that a stereotype of women not going to these fields due to lack of being social. Another thing is the fact that these woman had some sort of interaction with technology early on. Some like Hillary Watts her step dad was a hydrologic engineer and with girls at MIT either in middle school or high school not only they had some sort of group or club. Also another thing that in making a comparison between students from MIT and Hillary , at MIT is pretty even between male and females but in Hillary's case when she was attending it school, women were a minority. Angela did point out that women are more likely to go into software not hardware, even at MIT. Looking at Erika she is also occupies her self with dealing with software, and coding as well as Angela and Hillary. They all feel that gadgets and they keep themselves with the latest news through blogs or verbal discussions. Something that was interesting that Hillary mentioned, is that when women take that a kind of occupation in coding people assume that they have to be smart. Angela felt that she was pretty ordinary, normal that have an interest in that field. Hillary also mentioned that what she valued was the ownership for what they are doing. The female students at MIT felt and valued their efforts and they will like those to have recognition rather than everything else. In comparison of the years, the views of Technology have change Hillary feels that is more about the networking, and even Angela sees has been creating software for user interactivity and interface software , she sees the importance of social networking as Hillary does as well.

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