Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writing Description : Typography symposium and taglines

1.Have you written a note to your best friend during class while your instructor is not looking? Those words on a piece of paper is a form of typography. Handwriting is the most popular and powerful form of expressive type . The Kansas City Art Institute design department has organized a symposium in which you will learn and explore the power of words like the words that you might write on a piece of paper. Type can take so many different shapes and forms, that you thought were impossible!

2. Assigned readings can be tiresome and exhausting! Too many letters and words on a page, boring might be something that might cross your mind. What if these words could be animated and lifted from the book. The symposium that will be held in the design building at KCAI, will explore the various possibilities of the written word.

3. Do you feel like in school you are different? Letters are individually unique as well.The Kansas City Art Institute design department will arranged a symposium describing the value of the written text; through various examples of experimental type and showcasing how special type can be. Typography can be emotional and innovative just like you! Through lectures, workshops and tutorials you will be able to see text like you have never had seen it before.


Perfect Typo: Experimental Typography

Sticking Out: Expressive Typography

Breaking Boundaries: Contrasting Typography

Individuality: Analyzing Experimental Typography

Over my head: Experimental Type

Esoteric: Unrepeated Type

Maverick: Original Typography

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